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I have always respected almost all forms related with Rap. YOU HAVE NO CIVIL CASE WHEN I DONT KNOW ANY OF YOU PEOPLE. Over the last five years, the Six Tre Folk Nation has been responsible for several murders and attempted murders, according to an indictment unsealed in Federal District Court in Brooklyn on Tuesday. SUR UP chick! Ny is solid bed rock. Really for what? WebEastSide Nine Trey Brooklyn Redline Gangster Bloods EastSide Rollin 20s Shine Boys WestSide 737 Red Family Pirus Folk's: 1.) NYPD officers come prepared in their raid to arrest 17 alleged gang members in Brooklyn on Jan. 4, 2022. So l.a.ers and chiraquaers new york got this gang ish, yall rep k-ingg each. SAVAGE NOMADS active The charges in the indictments are allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. King mf love. 9-11 slowed us down with all the cameras but 400-500 murders a year would put you under dirt. Brooklyn, New York, E.D.N.Y. To illegally snitch on get gang members arrested and that he is also spying on law abiding Americans. They divided the Gangster Nation into the Black Gangster Disciples, led by King Larry Hoover, and the Black Gangsters, led by Shorty Freeman. Im shocked and astoinded but so glade the of invetibell destiny to men and women all races clblanks and creed of human birth poluting this beutuiful goddes of mud and water great mother 99000000 years and humans only goal is out gansta out mobster out miltary out rebel out f out stride live there own species making only avance other then niffty toys in the last thousand years but to eradicate each other in each new geration what amazes me the most is how we all for get wen the first coppers/pigs garbage /uc informant what ever you wish to call the cave men in blue. We the craziest gang in all the east coast f ALL guyS.. TRINITARIOS, Lol you guys are all smart guys, your gangs are ___, you guys are all really really smart,childish and basically seem not to have good upbriging which i know most of you were not raise with this mined set most of you cant even spell right go back to school . The Black Disciples (BD), also known as the Black Disciples Nation (BDN), are a large predominantly African-American street gang founded in 1960, by David Barksdale, on the South South of Chicago, Illinois. Hi yeah, New Yorkers pay too much for tobacco too. The gangster disciples are part of the folk nation, an alliance of street gangs originating in chicago. You rarely hear anybody talking about wanting to go to NY anymore. WebLike most major gangs, Gangster Disciples use a well-defined system of symbols to communicate alliances and rivalries. ( they have there reunions in the summer time) Should rap lyrics be used as evidence in court? WebWatch full videos on my main channel: So Ill give you an advice. Images About it Source: Of the gangster disciples - national gang crime research. shut up, guy. CRAZY PISTONS MC Mott Haven area, betcha didnt notice, gangs are not listed for Queens NY. Destine, Fremont, Hepburn, Lawrence, Lima, Thompson and Williams were arrested this morning in Brooklyn and are scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon before United States Magistrate Judge Sanket J. Bulsara. THEY HAVE FALSELY DISGUISE THEMSELVEL AS MELINDA REED I NOW SINCE OVER A YEAR CHANGED MY NAME TO JEATERAI ZUZIM PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME FROM YOUR FILES NOW. (718) 254-6323. These indictments are part of a coordinated effort to dismantle the Brooklyn sets of GD and their leadership by federal and state authorities, the press release reads. Age: 21 I cant believe that you posted again after you been proven a straight chick SMH. smart blank mothers fighting over turf. I grew up with many gangsters and once many of my friends got locked up and deported, I got my ish together and worked hard and now am a successful business man. . NY is garbage. Come mess with the mob out here and the gangs u get messed up. Agoro and Brown were already in federal custody on prior charges and will be arraigned at a later date. Have to correct you ny mobsters did not run chicago they worked with Chicago mobsters like a family their were outfits alreafy in chicago and ny joined up with them and introduced the capone era but their were many organizations throughout chicago that the mob could not influence with extortion or drive bys because they couldnt get into those neighborhoodsDaley controlled chicago and then capone/street organizations worth with him sife by side. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); SHE OWN A LIFE AFTER DEATH COMPANY AND SHE SUPPORT LARRY SENIO WHOM SHE IS DOING BUSINESS WITH AS WELL. PSN is an evidence-based program proven to be effective at reducing violent crime. They divided the Gangster Nation into the Black Gangster Disciples, led by King Larry Hoover, and the Black Gangsters, led by Shorty Freeman. Age: 32 WebWatch full videos on my main channel: WebThe Dapper Dons Last Hit: Tale Of The Two Eddies In Brooklyn When Cousins Turn On Each Other In The Mob Scott Burnstein East Coast Featured Mafia Mafia Insider Members Only New York Scott Burnstein African-American Detroit Drug Gangs East Coast Featured Members Only New York 9-11 changed alot of things out here and I bet if 9-11 was in any other City like NYC you punks would have as much cops and cameras in da hoods like NYC. And no Im not Mexican, before you say some smart joke about any race. thank god some one does something over the child molesters and rapists.more than the govt does. f is you talking about the LK is ___.when all ya CRIP clowns was hiding under kufee in the PENand not coming out of PCdusty blank guy.. Yo ny latin kings will put u six feet under. After leaving the hospital, Williams and other members of GD retaliated against the Crips gang by driving to an area of Brooklyn they believed to be Crip territory where Williams and another gunman opened fire into a crowd of people, wounding two victims in the knee and chest. The charges relate to seven non-fatal shootings committed in Brooklyn over the course of 2020 in which six individuals were wounded. Autobots, MTP, Nieta. Liger almost 10 million people??? Brooklyn, New York, HANS DESTINE (also known as YL Flocks) Bailey and Battice were arrested this morning in Atlanta, Georgia, and are scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon before United States Magistrate Judge Catherine M. Salinas at the federal courthouse in Atlanta. Carnell U Dub 5 Snell was laid to rest today. Atlanta, Georgia, JEAN FREMONT (also known as Juno and Bigga Twirl) A group of men dressed as ninjas robbing men and fin them in they blankhole. Our work through the FBI/NYPD Metro Safe Streets Task Force will continue relentlessly until residents can feel safe again.. SAVAGE SKULLS MC some what active they also got chapters in N.J and P.A ( I know a few of them ) Lmfao, Og trying to call somebody a rat. CHING-A-LINGS MC NOMADS active The advent of Hip-Hop culture, drew youth away from gangs and channeled their time on the streets into a variety of different art forms such as graffiti, break dancing and rapping. Brooklyn, New York, DERYCK THOMPSON (also known as Benzo, DBenzo and Kenzie) A locked padlock Later that same day, Agoro, Fremont, Hepburn, Lima and Thompson drove to Brownsville for another shooting, where one victim was shot in the shoulder and grazed in her back. Nation of gods n earths is not a gangyou can be with any street gang and be also of the god nation..which is the all in all..gangs is the weak part in you to join a gangyou are born god.. The f you get that the Decepticons were a white gang???? Eleven members and associates of the Folk Nation Gangster Disciples were hit with a 20-count superseding indictment on Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn. REAPERS BRONX active Main Office Two gang takedowns over the past two days demonstrates our commitment to pursue the violent criminals who choose to terrorize our communities, stated FBI Acting Assistant Director-in-Charge Maguire. See more at:, Theres more ___s in new york than all the world put together, Almighty latin Kings straight from chicago 26yh street little village roots of lord gino. Sad to say We dont need to be like any other city when this city has shown other cities how to be Gangster 1st. Ima real Rollin20s crip cuz Straight from 614 12ave W^TP. YO , let me get something clear , a black man started bloods ,So dont get it twisted , talkin about bloods in ny the white man got u thinkin cali nydivide and conquerthats like NYC saying dont make hip-hop, it started in the Bronx. They were charged with seven non-fatal shootings that I have been a very tremendous enthusiast, terrific blog. Yo that la ish be smart shooting each other over colors mad dumb yo. No Love City Gangster Disciples 2.) f NYC THINK NEXT TIME YOU OPEN YOUR chick blank MOUTH. Age: 19 Wake Up ! Gangsters dont fkcin type on a blog. Gey the F out of here punk blank la biatch ny is original gangster before all yhat la ish ny gangs ruled. That we all know is how to ignorantly k one another. In the first November 7 shooting, Agoro, Bailey, Battice, Fremont and Thompson drove to Canarsie, where they shot at a group of individuals. Learn some History about NYC. I have 3 buildings in NYC which is worth more then all you dumbblankes on here. . We sport tank tops in the nice Cali sun. Wild Card Gangster Crips Brooklyn 18 Tray Outlaws (OET) 18th Street 43 Gangster Crips 83 Gangster Crips 9 Tray Bloods (NTG), Bedford Stuyvesant area) Avalon Gangster Crips Decepticons [defunct] East Gangster Crips G Shine G Stone Crips Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB) Ghost Town Little Boys Crew (LBC) Red Fam Piru South Brooklyn Boys Other Peter King people didnt elect you so you could use money we provided for you to quietly steal a bunch of it and then turn our trust in you against us you worthless maggot, f your mothet and your race dolladollabillyaw you sund so smart, f that whore mother of yours {dolladollabillyaw}, Hey did you know congress scumbag snitch peter king is using the NSA f ya worthless momma. Seems youre still around since youre posting in 2017? Brooklyn, New York, John Marzulli 4), MBM Baller from out the Sixx Pacc section of East Coasts Crips | Factz Ova Feelinz (EP10), Curt Dog on joining the Consolidated Crip Organization (CCO) in 1982 (pt.6), Yah-L on growing up among Black & Mexican (Brown) conflict in Compton (pt. See gangland latin kings kings of ny. Were taking over the boros slowly but surely with love freedom and fellowship. New York City has a 200 year history of street gangs going back to the early 1800s. F out of here yo u swear ya is hard come to ny talking that ish u get done. Rzl, You got youre listing all messed up HOMIE, OUTLAW STREET GANGS (BRONX): I FINALLY SAW BRAIN SHAD DADS MOTHER, SHE WAS AT THE GREENWICH LIBARAY YESTERDAY RUNNING AROUND PRETENDING SHE AND I KNEW ONE ANOTHER. Chicago had Al Capone, and John Dillinger; Las Vegas had Busy Siegel and Frank Rosenthal, and Boston gave us Whitey Bulger. Against All Odds: Oscar Goodman and the Jimmy Chagra Murder Trial, Drug trafficker Peter Shue on coke vs. heroin, doing 21 years, Suge, Alpo, Keith Sweat, Madonna & Mike Tyson, Inside Italy's biggest Mafia trial in decades. United States Attorneys Office News of the theft spread online, along with photos of the stolen necklace. DIRTY ONES MC Melrose area Yo la sitting on a fault one of these days california gonna disappear lol. Most New Yorkers got mouths on them too and thats the main attribute u see that will tell u when they aint ish, the more someoen talk the less they about, and if u a real mo fer, u should know this. You all forgot one gang.. who made all the peace possible in the bronx.the ghetto brothers. PRIDE, REPECT? Turtle sick his turtle head in yo blank and Thursby stick his fingers in his blank then yo mouth, Listen you dont know nothing bout the people who do this unless you are into this kind thing, Listen u bumbaclart I will smoke u g like a blunt, Round my hood they all give the brighton-mighton, Yo trump you aint ever been a yardi my yard man would tear you a new one. They entered pleas of not guilty and were held without bail. And thats great news so be happy you live in a safe city lol, Yeah right yo city aint witt the business. Prolly checked in and debrief. Now im not knocking those cities but I bet if any city in the U.S has had a 9-11 like NYC then youll see how much cops and cameras are put in your hoods. Age: 33 Dead Homies DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. The Gangster Disciples are a national gang with roots in Chicago that date back to the 1970s. NYPD officers come prepared in their raid to arrest 17 alleged gang members in Brooklyn on Jan. 4, 2022. If you real you would know it but you aint. Because yall not real. A 20-count superseding indictment was unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn charging Oluwagbenga Agoro, Lorenzo Bailey, Quincy Battice, Davon Brown, Hans Destine, Jean Fremont, Ricardo Hepburn, McKoy Lima, Triston Lawrence, Deryck Thompson and Michael Williams with violent crimes in-aid-of racketeering including attempted murder and related firearms offenses. U forgot about B.T.K. UNKNOWN BIKERS MC Hunts point area 6 Trey Outlaw Gangster Disciples (Ebbit Field's) 3.) We will continue to work together in partnership and use every law enforcement resource available to us to help drive down gun and gang violence, stated KCDA Gonzalez. An official website of the United States government. Breon Peace, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, announced the verdict. //

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